Are Your Parents Thinking of Becoming Foster Carers?

Are Your Parents Thinking of Becoming Foster Carers?

We are aware that if your parents are thinking of becoming foster carers they may already have spoken to you about this, we also know that they may not be aware of the impact that this may have on you.

There is no doubt that having someone else in your home, that you have not invited, can be difficult. In some ways it’s like being expected to get on with your cousins just because they are your cousins, we know that won’t always be the case.

What we do know from our experience is that many young people have really learned a great deal about other people and about themselves, through having a fostered child in their home.

We will tell you and your parents as much as we can about the child or young person to be placed with you, but we do feel that it is important to respect people’s privacy and will leave some issues for the child or young person to tell you when they feel ready.

Before Horizon place a child in your family we will speak to your parents about whether they feel this child will fit into your family. We feel that careful matching is so important for all concerned, we do not want you or your brothers or sisters to feel left out, to feel any less loved or wanted.

Your parents may initially have to give more time to the child joining your home, this doesn’t mean that they won’t have time for you, but it is important that you tell your parents how you feel, and if there is anything you are unhappy about.

Finally, we would ask you to think about how it might feel for the child coming into your home, and if it was you, what would you like to see happen on your first day.

Remember – you can always talk to us but we would encourage you to talk to your parents first.

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