Existing Carers

Have you ever thought about transferring to us and broaden new horizons for children in care?

As an existing foster carer you should know that you can transfer to us from  another agency or from the Local Authority.

All our transfers will  follow the Fostering Network transfer protocol. This protocol is the best practice guidance to managing the movement of existing  foster carers between agencies.


Why an existing carer will want to join Horizon Fostering Services?

*  All placements are sympathetically and efficiently managed by our experienced team of professionals and matched with the most suitable foster carers from our extensive London and home counties database.

* We provide effective very oragnised trainings to all our foster carers. Most of them are accessible online and we offer a big support and encourage all our carers to be very up to date with their trainings.

* We are Ofsted approved and registered and rated as a GOOD provider.

* Our aim is to provide Local Authorities throughout London and the South East with safe, nurturing, stable family placements – we achieve this by working in partnership with them, with our carers and other professionals.

* We offer very good financial rewards by transferring to us.


What if I do have a child in placement and I still want to transfer to Horizon Fostering.?


We will prioritize the needs of the children in care, but we will offer all our support to make this process as easy as possible for you. The first step we recommend at this stage is to tell your agency/Local Authority your decision and then we will assist with your requests.

What if I don’t have any child in placement and I still want to transfer to you?


If you don’t have any child in placements, the process to transfer is much quicker. We will work closely with you to make sure that the transfer process works smoothly.


Please contact us on 020 8200 2353 if you have any further question about the process and we will be happy to share with you all the relevant information. Alternatively you can email us with any query or leave your number and someone will call you back at your convenient time

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